Sears - Tool Mega Sale

I created all of the animation, the dynamic camera moves, box building and rolling. I also created the atmospheric smoke, impact dust and debris.

Liquid Text - Always "Girls-Talk"

For an Always "Girls-Talk" spot, I used realflow to create liquid filling up the text for the word "Material".

The Bear Is There

"The Bear Is There" animation project I worked on for the Bear Necessities Pediatric Cancer Foundation. I was responsible for a good amount of the animation in this piece.

Always Parasol

Always commercial I worked on. I helped model and texture the "pad chair". I created the cloth dynamics animation when the parasol opens up. I created the rain simulation. I also helped light and render the final shot.

UnNatural History

I worked on creating a few graphics and generating some dynamic smoke effects for the opening to Cartoon Network's first live action tv show, UnNatural History.

Toyota Zombies

The work I did on this spot was creating, animating, and rendering the smoke coming out of the gas gernade in the zombie's mouth. I also needed to camera track and light those shots.

Creativity Top 5

A in-house colabrative project between the 3d and 2d team. I did all the animation on the muses and I created and animated their clothes, accessories and hair.

Kellogg's Corn Flakes - Talk'n Cornelius

I tracked and animated the talking Cornelius on the box of Corn Flakes.

Illinois Holiday Lottery

The work I did on this spot was creating and tweaking the simulation of snowing tickets, and tracking some of the tickets into peoples hands to give the illusion that they are catching the tickets.